Callsign Frequency PL Tone Offset Location Notes
W5BCS 146.680 88.5 -600KHz Skyline Communications’ Tower (250ft AGL) Open repeater. Fusion auto-auto
W5AC 146.820 88.5 -600KHz On the O&M Building at the TAMU main campus (170ft AGL) Open repeater. Open phone patch (with direct access to law enforcement). Wide area coverage. Encodes at 131.8 Hz
W5AC 443.050 88.5 +5MHz TAMU Campus IRLP Node 3127
KD5DLW 443.450 127.3 +5MHz Skyline Communications’ Tower (300ft AGL) Open repeater. Wide area coverage. Backup power source.
KD5DLW 443.525 127.3 +5MHz Skyline Communications’ Tower (300ft AGL) For 10M Crossband156.7Tone for 29.600 167.9 Tone for 29.500
K5ZY 145.290 88.5 -600KHz Iola (50ft AGL) Fusion
K5ZY 147.160 88.5 +600KHz Located 4 miles South of FM50 and FM60 (325ft AGL) Fusion
Allstar 40885
EchoLink 541054
K5ZY 444.125 88.5 +5MHz Benchley South Robertson Co (400ft AGL) Fusion auto-auto

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