March Club Meeting tomorrow — On-Air

Our regular March meeting will be at the same time, 09:30 tomorrow, 21 March. We meet on-the-air using the W5BCS repeater, 146.680. Their is a tone required on input, 88.5Hz but, no tone is transmitted. This is the same repeater we use for our Tuesday evening nets.

I’ll look forward to hearing you on the air!

–Phil, N5ZKF

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Remembering Mark Hnatiuk, KG5EYV

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Club meeting 18 January at C&J BBQ

Join us at C&J BBQ on the bend in Texas Avenue, Bryan, TX at 11:30. Go through the line and purchase some food and join us in their meeting room. We’ll have time to eat, fellowship and a brief business meeting. We’ll also make some time to talk a bit about the year to come.

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Club Meeting Saturday, 21 December

4244 Boonville RD, Bryan, TX

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BARC Club meeting this Saturday.

4244 Boonville RD, Bryan, Texas.

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Paul’s notes about Raspberry Pi Applications

  • Pi-Hole: A small computer to block web advertisements on your home network.
  • APRS I-Gate: Program your Raspberry Pi to transfer APRS packets from your to/from your radio and the Internet.
  • GQRX: A small computer host for your USB software-defined receiver.
  • Requirements
    • Pi
      • Pi-ZEROW: A single-core machine for simple things like Pi-Hole. Often available for $5 on sale.
      • PI-3B+ A multi-core, fully-featured Pi, usually $35.
      • PI-4 This is the latest realease. Not all features are complete and it might require cooling to be reliable.
      • MicroSD card (32GB)
      • Power supply. Don’t cheap-out here and try to use your old cellphone charger. Get a higher-current model that has the correct connector for your Pi.
    • Operating system
      • Start at and look in the downloads section.
      • Raspbian is good. NOOBS is simpler but doesn’t expose all the features. Others exist, for example, Buster.
      • You’ll need a software tool to put the operating system on your SD memory card. If you are running Windows, Win32diskimager is a popular application.
  • Pi-Hole: Utilizes a Rapberry Pi to pull advertising out of your web browsing! Read the documentation here
    • Get the software from github, here.
    • Paul recommends using these commands on your Raspberry Pi to install:
      • git clone –depth 1 Pi-hole
      • cd “P1-hole/automated install/”
      • sudo bash
    • Another good use for the Raspberry PiZero-W
    • Prebuilt images can be found here.
    • Paul has additional experience with this if you have questions.
  • GQRX
    • You probably need to be running this on a Raspberry Pi 4 because it is processor intensive.
    • The software is actually available through the normal raspbian installer. Click on Preferences–>Add/Remove software and search for GQRX.
    • Paul recommends the Nooelec tuners, such as the NESDR SMArt4 v4 because of their shielded aluminum cases and temperature-stabilized oscillators. Look around the site and check their specifications for a tuning range, etc. that meets your needs.
  • Questions?
  • Thanks again to Paul Bilke for giving us some ideas.

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Bryan Amateur Radio Club Dinner Social

If you can make it to our dinner social this week, we’d love to see you there.

Time:  18:30  This Thursday 26 September.

Place:  J. Cody’s Steaks & Barbeque

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Amateur Radio Equipment Resources

Where to buy amateur radio equipment and supplies?

Ham Radio Outlet One of their 13 stores is in Plano, TX

Universal Radio


Main Trading Company

Texas Towers They also have a location in Plano, TX

The Wireman


ISP Supplies (Not amateur radio but, they have a lot of tower, mast and antenna hardware. And, a location in College Station!

Amateur Radio Supplies

Ham City

DX Engineering

R&L Electronics

Grapevine Amateur Radio

Pacific Antenna

QRP Labs

Antique Electronic Supply

Surplus Sales of Nebraska

Electronic Parts Outlet

KF7P Metalwerks

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Resources regarding stealth antennas.

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August club meeting

Thanks to everyone who came out for our August meeting. Good attendance and lots of participation. The VE team was present beforehand to administer tests. I believe there was 100% pass rate consisting of two new Technicians, two Generals and, one Extra. We also recognized our outgoing club secretary, Matthew Barry. Matt has provided outstanding service to our club and we will miss him while he is away working on his new calling.

By an assent vote of club members in attendance, we also accepted Trent Owens as club secretary for the remaining time of this term. My thanks to both of these gentlemen as great examples of the volunteerism that makes this club successful.

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