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Bryan Amateur Radio Club holds regular Volunteer Examiner, VE, Testing Sessions at 8am before our regularly scheduled club monthly meeting on even months except for December. Our planned test session occurs February, April, June, August, and October, but in June we normally have our test session at our annual Field Day event. We have and can hold a test session at any point with an appropriate amount of time to plan for the necessary personal requirements and venue location.

Members and non-members can either get their initial Technician’s license or to upgrade their license to General and/or Extra. No membership to Bryan Amateur Radio Club is required to participate in the test session, but we do like to point out that our Volunteer Examiners are members of the Bryan Amateur Radio Club and the club allows us the space and location to regularly test.

Bryan Amateur Radio Club is an American Radio Relay League, ARRL, affiliated club as such we utilize the ARRL VEC Program with the required fee for the ARRL 2022 year to process the application and forward it to the FCC which is 15 dollars per an application. The fee is collected by the VE Team at the beginning of the test session and forwarded to the ARRL VEC Program to cover the cost of the test material and processing the paperwork the FCC requires of each application.

The FCC now requires that each applicant apply for a FCC Registration Number, FRN, prior to applying for a Licensee. A FRN is a 10-digit number that is assigned to a business or individual registering with the FCC. You can obtain a free FRN number by visiting the FCC Registration System, CORES, From there you can follow the FCC form to register for your FRN number and supplying the required information such as a username, password, your name, and E-mail address. This will be the number in which the FCC will need to process application and test packet, so it would be best to print this information out and bring to the test session.

Starting April 19th 2022 the FCC is going to require a 35 dollar application fee for processing an application. The VE team will NOT collect this fee from the applicant at the test session, but will collect the ARRL mandated testing fee of 15 dollars at the test session. The test candidate will be contacted by the FCC once the FCC has received and processed the applicant’s application for a license. At that point the FCC will send the applicant an email to the email address on file which the applicant provided during registration for FRN, with a link valid for 30 days requesting that you supply the payment information within 10 days. The FCC will not issue a callsign until the 35 dollar application fee is received. If you do not complete this with in a 30 day limit the link allows, the application will automatically be rejected and will require the VE team to resubmit the application within 365 days of the testing date.

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If you have an questions regarding a test session please Fill out the Form below and a VE will get back with you regarding you question.

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