July 2021 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Monthly Club Meeting Minutes



  • President: Phil Gates (N5ZKF) present
  • Vice President: Rick Pfeil (KI5DUJ) present
  • Secretary: Matthew Barry (KG5LYE) present
  • Treasurer: Lorna Flansburg (KI5FIZ) present

Attendees (23)

  • Phil Gates (N5ZKF)
  • Matthew Barry (KG5LYE)
  • Ralph Cobb (W5RYC)
  • Joe Napoli (KG5SDF)
  • Connor Farrell (WG1GEM)
  • Joshua Bell (KI5JQD)
  • Lee Lance (KK5QO)
  • Lorna Flansburg (KI5FIZ)
  • Rick Pfeil (KI5DUJ)
  • David Cook (KI5GDX)
  • Joshua Cook (KF5TYX)
  • Dick Zimmer (W5DZ)
  • Harold Turbyfill (KG5SDG)
  • Jim Hanks Jr. (W5CYN)
  • Mike Wisby (KA5HIA)
  • Kerry Miller (WD5ABC)
  • Jace Nelson (KE0MXN)
  • Wayne Pecena (N1WP)
  • Jeff McDowell (KI5CES)
  • Ron Hambric (N5SBN)
  • Paul Bilke (KF5WGJ)
  • Henry Menefee (W5RAS)
  • Bill Preston (KZ3G)

Officer Reports

President Phil Gates (N5ZKF)

  • Thanks to Lee Lance (KK5QO) for arranging our meeting place
    • at the American Legion Post 159!
  • Opportunity to meet here in the future
  • can still also meet at the Red Cross
  • Shoutout to members present:
    • Wayne Pecena (N1WP) – KAMU communications engineer, DMR repeater maintainer
    • Henry Menefee (W5RAS) – one of original founding club members

New Antenna

  • Photos
  • Thanks to all who helped us figure out the problem and come up with a solution
  • Thanks to Charlie for being able to host us all these years!
  • Thanks to Craig Lang for being our Antenna Jack!
  • Thanks to the ground crew:
    • Dick Zimmer (W5DZ)
    • Mike Wisby (KA5HIA)
    • WA5JOT
    • Charlie Culver (KD5DLW)
  • Most importantly, thanks to the club benefactors have already paid for everything!
  • W5DZ: spoke with manufacturer of old antenna, and it’s being redesigned because of this exact issue

Bryan Sesquicentennial

  • W5BCS offered to host an event for the celebration
  • Set up a Special Event Station on the air in downtown Bryan
  • No confirmation/approval yet
  • Where might we set up?
    • La Salle Hotel
    • CEOC
    • Sale Park
    • North end open space

Vice-President Rick Pfeil (KI5DUJ)

Field Day Updates

  • No totals on contacts or points yet
    • Sly Kapchinski (N5GQB) is still gathering that… Thanks!
  • A few hiccups in the early morning, but no more problems for the rest of the weekend
  • Need a 3- or 4-person committee for next year
    • KI5DUJ will not be able to do it again next year
    • This is not a one-person task
    • Will ask for volunteers around December
    • Need to ask businesses for donations by January
  • Got our $200 deposit back
  • Any ideas for presentations now that we’re meeting in-person again?
    • Send it to any (or all) of the officers
    • N5ZKF: on Saturday of FD, someone (probably from Iola) who works for a cell company said they’d like to give a presentation on transmission lines… Anyone know who?
  • Raffle Prize Winners
    • Ken Reeves: $500 HR
    • Brad Snyder: Yaesu HT
    • Frank Perry: Knife
    • Joshua Schmidt: Shotgun

Treasurer Lorna Flansburg (KI5FIZ)

  • 65 members
  • Usual reminders:
    • ARRL membership through club gives us some income
    • Amazon Smile charity
  • Update address in the FCC database

Bank Balance

  • starting balance: $4773.93
  • expenses:
    • insurance: $300
  • income:
    • dues
    • Field Day: $2069
  • available balance for the month: $6902.30
  • ending balance: $6602.30
  • Since then:
    • Received $200 back for
    • current: $6802.30

Club History

  • Did some research at the Carnegie Library
    • Found Newspaper Articles from 1955 when club was founded
  • Especially applicable with the 150 year celebration going on
  • Historian position?
  • N5SBN: scan and post on website?

Secretary Matthew Barry (KG5LYE)

  • Reading of last month’s minutes
  • motion to approve by Phil Gates (N5ZKF)
    • seconded by KG5DSF
    • passes unanimously

Special Interest Groups

with Ron Hambric (N5SBN)

  • lots of local club interest in D-STAR and CW
  • Maybe monthly after Tuesday evening nets

Other Business

Club Branding

  • Logo, shirts, QSL cards
  • Brad Snyder’s wife was “voluntold” to help
  • No word, but they are dealing with health issues
  • Nice polo or button-up shirt helps with soliciting donations
  • Send in any ideas before next meeting
  • Website could use some work

EMCOMM Opportunities?

Jeff McDowell (KI5CES)

  • We’ve done stuff like that in the past
    • Bike rides,
    • March of Dimes,
    • 4th of July Fireworks
    • Christmas Parade
  • KD5DLW has 800 MHz trunked system
    • stored at CEOC
    • loaned out to local groups
    • ARES maintains those radios
  • Communications for local hospitals
    • ARES maintains radios at each of the local hospitals

ARES Meeting

  • Usually 2nd monday of the Month
  • N5SBN was out of town last week
  • meeting this upcoming Monday, 2021-07-19

Antenna Modeling Software


  • NEC Antenna Modeling
  • EZNEC Antenna Software developer will be retiring
    • Software will be made freely available at some point

Club Project


  • Simple $15 microprocessor/soldering project
  • Station ID timer
  • Contact the officers if interested in building one
    • We’ll get a list and organize a build party

Possible Permanent Station?


  • American Legion Post 159 charter permits a permanent ham radio station at this building

Door Prize

  • Copy of the ARRL Grounding and Bonding textbook.
  • Congrats to David Cook (KI5GDX)!

Next VE Session

  • Possibly next month
  • Need to coordinate with Gerald Golub (W5VUI)
  • W5AC also administers exams, coordinate with them

Health and Welfare / Good of the Order

  • Joy Painter, wife of W5LQS, passed away this week
    • W5LQS is currently in assisted living at the Carriage Inn
  • Jack Lester was a big proponent of D-STAR
    • Let’s have a D-STAR party on the new local repeater Ki5MMC
    • After W5BCS Tuesday net
  • If anyone needs help with anything please reach out to the club. You can contact any of the officers at:


  • Motion to adjourn by Ralph Cobb (W5RYC)
    • Seconded by Jeff McDowell (KI5CES)
    • passes unanimously


Matthew Barry (KG5LYE) on NetLogger

August Meeting

Next Meeting: 2021-08-21 09:30, location TBD

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