CW Academy

Per Rod Hotz K5BGB:

CW Academy

The CW Academy, a program created and offered by the CW Operators’ Club (CWops), is aimed at increasing the number of competent CW operators on the HF CW sub-bands. The Academy addresses all levels of CW operating; i.e., from those aspiring to become licensed operators who want to learn and use Morse code, to experienced CW operators who want to improve their CW skills, sending/receiving speed, and operating ability.

CW Academy semesters are 8 weeks in length and held three times per year (Jan-Feb, Apr-May and Sep-Oct). Two weekly sessions are held on Mondays and Thursdays, each week, typically starting at 7 PM CST. Students are given daily assignments prior to each session, and the twice weekly sessions are held online using Skype group calling (audio/video). During the online sessions, students and advisors can all see and hear each other, as well as Morse code being sent by any of them. Using Skype creates, in effect, a virtual training room.

Students are grouped into one of three levels:

Level 1 (beginners and operators whose code speed is 10 wpm or less; meetings are held online only)
Level 2 (intermediate, operators who know Morse and can operate comfortably at speeds between 11 and 15 wpm; meetings are held online and on-the-air)
Level 3 (advanced, operators who can operate at speeds between 16 and 20 wpm; meetings are held online and on-the-air)

There is no cost or obligation to participate in CWops CW Academy classes, and membership in CWops is not required. Enrollment is open to anyone with the desire to learn or improve their proficiency in Morse code.

Anyone wishing to sign up for the CW Academy should go to, click CW Academy in the navigation bar, and then click “SIGN UP AS A CWOPS STUDENT. Be sure to provide all requested information, especially your estimated code speed. If you have not yet learned Morse code, then simply input “0.” The advisor will use the data you provide to organize the upcoming training sessions. Students are organized by levels and time zones.

If any BARC members have questions about the CW Academy, feel free to contact Rod, K5BGB, at or contact Jerry, AC4BT, the CW Academy Manager, at Sign up early because the training sessions fill up quickly!

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