Bryan Amateur Radio Club Inaugural Armed Forces Day Appreciation at Camp Hearne

Bryan Amateur Radio Club is pleased to present their inaugural Armed Forces Day appreciation from Camp Hearne.  Camp Hearne is a Museum located on the historic World War II POW camp, located just north of Hearne, Texas on F.M. 485. Camp Hearne was former POW camp that housed 4800 prisoners of war during the World War II campaign and was active from 1942 to 1946. Camp Hearne is dedicated to ensuring the education and preservation of the history of their location and their part played in this crucial portion of American History.  Bryan Amateur Radio Club is pleased to be invited to show some of the communications and technology used during this pivotally period and display some of the newer technology that were a direct result of this unfortunate armed conflict.

For more information on Camp Hearne please look at their website or take a look at their brochure posted below.

Camp Hearne Visitor’s Brochure


ARRL Special Event Posting

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