August meeting and presentation.

Congratulations to three newly-minted hams who passed their tests last Saturday.  A big thank you to the VE team for providing this important and convenient service to the local amateur radio community.

Bryan Texas Utilities Electrical Distribution engineers joined us during our usual meeting time to educate us about radio interference from electrical sources.  BTU has clear responsibilities to comply with FCC guidelines and those were explained along with the ways that BTU uses licensed radio services.  If you suspect you are having problems with RFI from electrical service, create a log of your observations, noting the times the interference occurs, the weather, and the frequencies.  It would also be helpful to have some recording of what you are hearing.  Call your local electric service provider to report your observations and be patient as these interference problems can be challenging to locate.

Following BTU’s presentation, we had our usual business meeting including updates from our officers.  At the close of our business meeting there was a brief board meeting to review and adopt guidelines for club construction projects.

If you couldn’t make it by, we missed you!  Our next meeting is Saturday, 15 September.  After our meeting on that day, we’ll learn about software defined radios from Kerry Miller, WD5ABC.  We’d love to see you there!

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