August 2022 Monthly Meeting Minutes



  • President: Phil Gates (N5ZKF) absent
  • Vice President: Rick Pfeil (W4RDP) present
  • Secretary: Matthew Barry (KG5LYE) present
  • Treasurer: Lorna Flansburg (KI5FIZ) present

Attendees (14)

Quorum not attained.

  • Ernest Laney (K5ENL)
  • Mike Wisby (KA5HIA)
  • Robert O’Connell (KC5DWB)
  • Don Hutchcraft (KE5ADX)
  • Matthew Barry (KG5LYE)
  • Harold Turbyfill (KG5SDG)
  • Lorna Flansburg (KI5FIZ)
  • Rich Rychetsky (KI5QNR)
  • Ron Hambric (N5SBN)
  • Rick Pfeil (W4RDP)
  • Dick Zimmer (W5DZ)
  • Ralph Cobb (W5RYC)
  • David Vickers (KI5WEH)
  • Rob Hinz (W7NX)

Officer Reports

President Phil Gates (N5ZKF)

Vice-President Rick Pfeil (W4RDP)

VE Session

  • Congrats to:
    • 1 new Technician
    • 1 new General

Dipole Antenna Purchase

  • Approved $200 budget last meeting
  • 40/80 m trapped dipole
    • Dick Zimmer (W5DZ): We can get all the other bands on the beam antenna
  • Any suggestions for what to purchase?
    • Rick Pfeil (W4RDP): MFJ 1777
    • Don Hutchcraft (KE5ADX): Alpha Delta DX-DD; $165 from DX Engineering

Winter Field Day

  • American Legion has approved us to use it
    • 2023-01-28/29
    • use for full 24 hours
  • Need someone to help run it
  • Not nearly as large as ARRL (Summer) Field Day
  • Maybe have a chili cook-off/contest at the same time for food
  • Need a planning committee
    • Ernest Laney (K5ENL)
    • Mike Wisby (KA5HIA)
    • Don Hutchcraft (KE5ADX)

Trailer Maintenance

  • Haven’t started doing anything
    • waiting for weather to cool off a little

After-Meeting Presentations

  • We need ideas for things to present after meetings
  • Today: Lorna Flansburg (KI5FIZ) Show and Tell

Officer Nominating Committee

  • Need to start thinking about elections in the next few months

Treasurer Lorna Flansburg (KI5FIZ)

  • Merchandise available: vinyl stickers and window clings

July Bank Statement

  • starting: $8,560.98
  • income: $259
    • $45 dues
    • $14 stickers/clings
    • $200 from Brian Bachmann Park
  • available: $8,819.98
  • no disbursements:
  • ending: $8,819.98

Secretary Matthew Barry (KG5LYE)

  • Have minutes from June and July
    • No quorum, so can’t approve today
  • Minutes from this meeting will be sent out later today
  • PSA: make sure you protect your house against lightning
    • had lightning strike with recent storm, and it took out a bit of equipment (fortunately nothing Ham Radio)

Other Business

Don Hutchcraft (KE5ADX)

  • Sometime next month: Veteran’s breakfast here at American Legion
  • 2022-10-01 Belton Hamfest
  • 2022-10-15/16 Maybe do a “Parks on the Air” activation


  • American Legion has several membership types for family of current or former military
    • Sons of the Legion
    • Auxiliary
  • If you’re a hunter or fisher, be sure to renew your license by the end of the month
    • veterans discount; free for disabled veterans

Health and Welfare / Good of the Order

September Meeting

Next Meeting: 2022-09-17 09:30, American Legion Post 159


  • Battery Box Build by Lorna Flansburg (KI5FIZ).

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