April 2022 Monthly Meeting Minutes



  • President: Phil Gates (N5ZKF) present
  • Vice President: Rick Pfeil (W4RDP) present
  • Secretary: Matthew Barry (KG5LYE) present
  • Treasurer: Lorna Flansburg (KI5FIZ) present

Attendees (20)

  • David Bailey (K5DKB)
  • Ernest Laney (K5ENL)
  • Clark Pennington (KC5BHM)
  • Don Hutchcraft (KE5ADX)
  • Ken Reeves (KE5FIV)
  • Jim Laird (KF5YY)
  • Matthew Barry (KG5LYE)
  • Joe Napoli (KG5SDF)
  • Harold Turbyfill (KG5SDG)
  • Lorna Flansburg (KI5FIZ)
  • Bill Preston (KZ3G)
  • Wayne Pecena (N1WP)
  • Kevin Walton (N4RMF)
  • Phil Gates (N5ZKF)
  • Rick Pfeil (W4RDP)
  • Dick Zimmer (W5DZ)
  • Don Ling (WB5CKO)
  • Henry Menefee (W5RAS)
  • Mike Traweek (KD8SQQ)
  • Marty Nau (W5MHN)

Officer Reports

President Phil Gates (N5ZKF)

  • Thanks to all for being here on this Easter weekend
  • Welcome to AD8SQQ: first time in attendance
  • VE Session
    • 2 new techs
  • Should be a short meeting
  • Presentation by Don Ling (WB5CKO) about club history after
  • Upcoming Events

Vice-President Rick Pfeil (W4RDP)

  • Get your ideas for after-meeting presentations

Field Day

  • raffle tickets are available
    • $10 ea.
      • buying $100-worth gives you next year’s membership
    • Buy them for yourself and take some to sell to your friends and family
    • Prizes
      • Stoeger M3000 12-gauge Shotgun
      • $500 VISA gift card
      • Yaesu FT-70D HT Radio
      • Nano VNA analyzer
      • Custom knife by Richard Epting (KG5WIV)
    • Need not be present to win
      • Be sure you have a legible name and phone number!
  • Dinner
    • Meat, beans, and potato salad will be provided
    • bring your own sides
  • Especially need help for:
    • Setup & Teardown
    • Running radios through the night
    • If interested, let me know; we’ll let you know where you can help out
  • W5AC should be there to help out

Treasurer Lorna Flansburg (KI5FIZ)

  • Stickers and window clings with club logo available for $2 ea.
  • If you have not renewed your membership or would like to become a member
    • Can accept cash/check today; credit cards via PayPal

February Bank Statement

  • Starting $7,446.29
  • income:
    • $32.36 from Amazon Smile
    • $30 dues
  • disbursements:
    • $1,481.63 for Field day venue, prizes
  • ending $6,027.02

Secretary Matthew Barry (KG5LYE)

  • Minutes from March and January sent out
    • I have made one amendment to add the February starting balance
    • FCC fees… but those have apparently changed again
  • motion by N5KZF to approve January minutes as sent out
    • seconded by Kevin Walton (N4RMF)
    • passes unanimously
  • motion by Clark Pennington (KC5BHM) to approve March minutes as sent out
    • seconded by David Bailey (K5DKB)
    • passes unanimously

Other Business

Antenna Trailer Follow-up

  • From last meeting (Paul Bilke (KF5WGJ)):
    • Not an emergency, but keep it in mind
    • Need a place to park the antenna trailer
      • hasn’t been covered, but would be better if it was
    • Might need maintenance at some point in the near future
      • Anyone have a sandblaster? workshop? lifter (if we need to remove the antenna)?
  • Ralph Cobb (W5RYC) has offered to store the trailer on his property in East Brazos County

Ideas for Club Activities

  • Parks on the Air
  • Host a Spring or Fall Swapfest w/ W5AC
    • some interest from people in DFW, Austin, Houston area
    • Houston Hamfest has been permanently moved to summer
  • Another bulid project
  • Fox hunt
    • Build project could be a fox-hunt antenna
  • Car show?
  • Anything to get us in the public
    • Farmer’s Market
    • Participate in 4th of July event with Heritage Society at Heratige Park
    • First Friday in Downtown Bryan
    • Apply to talk to ISS (need equipment and local interest)
      • Camp Hearne Pump House?
      • Local schools
    • South Pole
  • MARS / Armed Forces cross-band test
    • Coming up 2022-05-14
  • Radio know-how
    • How to solder coax terminators
    • Working with tubes

W5AC Needs Storage

Bill Preston (KZ3G)

  • TAMU is kicking W5AC out of their shack in Hensel Park
  • W5AC needs a place to store their radio equipment in the meantime

Health and Welfare / Good of the Order


  • motion by Clark Pennington (KC5BHM) to adjourn
    • seconded by Jim Laird (KF5YY)
    • passes unanimously

May Meeting

Next Meeting: 2022-05-14 09:30, American Legion Post 159

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