2021-09-28 Net Minutes


Check-ins (26)

  • Matthew Barry (KG5LYE)
  • Phil Gates (N5ZKF)
  • Don Ling (WB5CKO)
  • Rick Pfeil (W4RDP)
  • Lorna Flansburg (KI5FIZ)
  • David Bailey (K5DKB)
  • Ron Hambric (N5SBN)
  • Chris MacCannell (W5FN)
  • Avery McIntosh (N7ALM)
  • Mike Wisby (KA5HIA)
  • Mark Coppock (KG5PDT)
  • Lee Lance (KK5QO)
  • Carol Dodds (KJ6LHH)
  • Jim Hanks Jr. (W5CYN)
  • Joe Napoli (KG5SDF)
  • Rich Rychetsky (KI5QNR)
  • Robert Carter (NC5R)
  • Dick Zimmer (W5DZ)
  • Lance Smith (KI5ETF)
  • Bill Rose (K5WTR)
  • Ralph Cobb (W5RYC)
  • Bob Christian (KE5GHM)
  • Harold Turbyfill (KG5SDG)
  • John “Pocat” Walpole (K5ZY)
  • Bennie Naiser (KA5TWB)
  • Garrett Martin (W5HVS)

Officer Reports

President Phil Gates (N5ZKF)

  • Looking for members to help with the following committes
    • Field Day Committee
    • Web and Social Media Steering Committee
    • Contact n5zkf@arrl.net if interested
  • Upcoming Events this weekend
    • CA QSO Party
    • Oceania DX Phone Contest (Australia, New Zealand, etc.)
    • Strait Key Century Club (SKCC)
    • Radio Society of Great Britain DX Contest
    • Special Event Stations (via ARRL)
  • Planning for our own special event station:
    • City of Bryan 150th Anniversary of Charter
    • Planning to be stationed near the Farmer’s Market in North Downtown Bryan
    • Will look a lot like Field Day
    • Contact n5zkf@arrl.net if interested
  • Looking to get in touch with James Cravey (KG5ZTZ)

Vice-President Rick Pfeil (W4RDP)

  • Think about signing up for committees previously mentioned
  • Always looking for ideas for after-meeting presentations
  • Contact me if interested: vice-president@bryanarc.org

Secretary Matthew Barry (KG5LYE)

  • Sister is in town visiting from California
  • Net minutes will be sent out as usual

Treasurer Lorna Flansburg (KI5FIZ)

  • Current balance: $6,873.28
  • Currently 69 members

Announcements / Comments

Question for conversation: Do you use a directional antenna or antenna array?

Ron Hambric (N5SBN)

  • Upcoming events:
    • This weekend is ARRL simulated emergency test (SET) exercise
      • All are welcome to participate; you don’t have to be an ARES member
      • 2021-10-02 09:30 check-in on 443.425 MHz FM (KD5DLW) repeater
      • Winlink exercise
    • 2021-10-04 is ARES net on KD5DLW repeater
    • 2021-10-11 is ARES meeting at Red Cross Building on Boonville Rd

John “Pocat” Walpole (K5ZY)

  • Belton Ham Fest is coming up
    • Personally won’t be able to make it
    • N5ZKF: I think they’re sold out
  • Have a commercial directional antenna for some of the HF bands

Phil Gates (N5ZKF)

  • Don’t use a directional antenna at the moment
    • Built one before out of a tape measure
      • used for testing and fox hunting
    • 2m beam assembled but not in the air
  • helpful for getting signal out further in one direction

Lee Lance (KK5QO)

  • shout-out to Carol Dodds (KJ6LHH)
    • helped put together a Tech training class earlier in the year

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