2021-01-26 Net Minutes

Net Minutes







Check-ins (26)

  • KD5GG
  • W5RYC
  • N7ALM
  • KI5FIZ
  • W5HVS
  • WA5PMO
  • N5SBN
  • KF5TYX
  • KG5OQV
  • KE5FIV
  • KG4SDE
  • KG5SDF
  • KI5MNH
  • K5ZY
  • W5DPW
  • KI5CES
  • K5WTR
  • W5DZ
  • WB5CKO
  • KG5SDG
  • KG5PDT
  • KI5GDX
  • KA5TWB
  • N5ZKF
  • W5CYN
  • KF5YAA

Officer Reports

President N5ZKF

  • Proud of our new operators and those who are helping them.
    • Spotlight tonight on KI5MNH and K5ZY
    • Don’t be shy about talking to some of these new folks when you hear them and find out what they might need. You might learn something too!
    • LeeRoy Lance, KK5QO has organized a Technician training class this weekend.
    • RTTYOPS Weekend Sprint this weekend.
    • Kansas Day SES. Listen for KS0KS.
    • In Announcements and Comments: Have you ever operated on the amateur radio bands while in another country?

Vice President: Rick Pfeil (KI5DUJ)

  • Absent

Secretary: Matthew Barry (KG5LYE)

  • Absent

Treasurer: Lorna Flansburg (KI5FIZ)

  • Thanks to the 22 members who have sent in their renewal dues.
  • If you have not, please send in your 15 dollars.
  • Two members have also renewed their ARRL membership through the club.
  • Current balance: $5,621.09
    • $453 deposits
    • $94 disbursements (ARRL dues)


  • N5ZKF: about ten years ago, worked some in Curacao. Conditions not too good.
  • K5ZY: 10 meters has been open some during the day.


  • K5ZY: Kenwood TS480HX, all-mode, HF-6 Meters, 200 watt transceiver. $450.

Information Exchange

  • W5DPW: What is the repeater time-out? What does that mean?
    • KI5GDX: The timeout is the fixed period of time when the repeater is going to stop repeating. The “reset” is when someone stops transmitting earlier than the timeout period so they don’t get cut-off.
    • W5DZ: FCC Regulations require that the repater cannot be transmitting longer than three minutes.
  • W5CYN: I’m setting-up a base station and I’m working on the grounding. My shack will be upstairs and m RF ground wrie will be a little longer. Is there something that can be done to keep that long ground wire from becoming part of the transmission. I’m using a long-wire antenna as well as a dual-band VHF/UHF antenna.
    • N5ZKF: This will probably depend on what antennas you are using, how well they are matched to the output of your transmitter and what kind of feedline you are going to use. You also may want to consider a common-mode choke for antennas that you are feeding using unbalanced 50-ohm feedline. You might also read about the MFJ-931, ARTIFICIAL GROUND.
    • KD5GG: I was in that situation. I used a three-conductor extension cord with the hot and neutral removed. That let me use the ground lead.
    • KI5MNH: I have a copy of the grounding and bonding manual from the ARRL and I can loan that to you.

Late Check-ins


Anything else before we close?

  • KI5MNH: Echoing what Phil said earlier: Those of you who have helped me, I really appreciated it.
  • KI5MNH: What was the call of the person who needed the grounding information? W5CYN
  • KA5TWB: I need to send an email to W5VUI
    • What about that artificial ground? Has anyone used that before?
      • N5ZKF: Look at eham.net and qrz.com for reviews.
    • WB5CKO: Is there an app for NetLogger on Android?

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