2018-10-16 Net Minutes


Check-ins (22)

  • Matthew Barry (KG5LYE)
  • Joshua Cook (KF5TYX)
  • Mark Hnatiuk (KG5EYV)
  • Don Ling (WB5CKO)
  • Tom Small (N1TOV)
  • Avery McIntosh (N7ALM)
  • Marvin Lowman (KG5MCN)
  • Jeff French (KM5TW)
  • Dick Zimmer (W5DZ)
  • Sly Kapchinski (N5GQB)
  • Brian Walpole (N5BLW)
  • Bob Henglein (W5GC)
  • Brent Anderson (WW5OBA)
  • Ralph Cobb (W5RYC)
  • Jim Snell (WA5PMO)
  • Harold Turbyfill (KG5SDG)
  • Michael Tilton (KG5UKJ)
  • John "Pocat" Walpole (K5ZY)
  • David Barry (KG5UZA)
  • Richard Epting (KG5WIV)
  • Gerald Golub (W5VUI)
  • Banjo Williams (KC5GWR)

Officer Reports

President KG5EYV

  • Good Radio in the Park!
    • 10-15 people
    • 3-4 radios
    • Checked roll-up antenna for antenna build
    • Contact (and visit) from DPS Trooper!
  • 2018-10-20 09:30 Club Meeting
    • 08:00 VE Test
    • Start thinking abound elections
      • elections on 2018-11-07
    • Talk about pancake breakfast
    • Presentation by W5VUI on VE testing

Vice-President N5ZKF

did not check in

Secretary KG5LYE

  • Thanks to all who came out to Field Day
  • 2018-10-20 Club Meeting
    • VE Test Session
  • 2018-10-27 N5BRZ SET exercise

Treasurer N5GQB

  • All’s quiet for now
    • For those thinking about renewals, wait until at least December meeting
    • New members welcome to join, but for the “biggest bang for your buck”, wait until December
  • See ya at the meeting this weekend!
  • Hazardous Waste collection also this weekend
    • 2018-10-20 07:00-14:00
    • old TI Building behind Veterans Park
  • Nice warm day at Radio in the Park
    • Little bit of wind, but not too much
  • Lots of rain lately! Stay warm, safe, and dry!

Announcements / Comments


  • Radio in the Park
    • contacted Mark (KG5EYV) on roll-up antenna
    • Great TX signal!
  • Food: Lobby at McDonald’s on Hwy 21 is being rennovated and has long line for Drive-Thru.


  • 444.125 MHz Repeater in Benchely has been repaired!
    • Analog + DMR


  • Will step in for 10m net on 28.450 MHz tonight
  • ARES SET exercise location?
    • Hospitals, DDC/CEOC (maybe), Red Cross, people’s houses
    • lots of talk about Winlink (via TNC)


  • Test session this week
    • No confirmations from any VEs or Candidates


  • message from Ty Weaver (KG5RKI)
    • echoes K5ZY announcement earlier
    • Brandmeister DMR repeater in Benchley is back up
    • other DMR info
    • will print out for meeting and send on listserv
    • W5VUI: should be put on website

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