2018-05-15 Net Minutes


Check-ins (23)

  • Matthew Barry (KG5LYE)
  • Mark Hnatiuk (KG5EYV)
  • Jonathan Graham (KD5GG)
  • David Barry (KG5UZA)
  • Vic Pears (KX8V)
  • Don Ling (WB5CKO)
  • Ken Reeves (KE5FIV)
  • John “Pocat” Walpole (K5ZY)
  • Dick Zimmer (W5DZ)
  • Bob Henglein (W5GC)
  • Sly Kapchinski (N5GQB)
  • Dwayne Walters (W5DPW)
  • Brent Anderson (WW5OBA)
  • Jim Snell (WA5PMO)
  • Marvin Lowman (KG5MCN)
  • Joe Napoli (KG5SDF)
  • Harold Turbyfill (KG5SDG)
  • Ralph Cobb (W5RYC)
  • Tom Small (N1TOV)
  • Scott Rodkey (N5WKY)
  • Richard Epting (KG5WIV)
  • Phil Gates (N5ZKF)
  • Leslie Jones (KE5AQT)

Officer Reports

President KG5EYV

  • meeting this Saturday 2018-05-19
    • Important Field Day preparations (prizes, etc.)
  • T-Shirts have been ordered
    • Should be here Saturday
  • Media and guest have already been invited
    • thanks to KA5HIA, N5ZKF, and KG5EYV (self)!

Vice-President N5ZKF

  • Presentation on Microcontrollers by Paul Bilke (KF5WGJ) after meeting
  • DMR get-together on local talk gorup

Secretary KG5LYE

  • ARES meeting yesterday
    • worked on antenna and running coax for new radio room
    • member profile updates

Treasurer N5GQB

  • No monies in or out
  • Upcoming Expenses
    • amount for field day prizes has been approved
    • PO box renewal
  • Field Day Stuff
    • Prizes (not as many as last year, but better quality)
      1. Introductory HF radio
      2. Antenna Analyver
      3. HT, maybe
      4. Power Supply
      5. Gift cards, etc.
    • Raffle Tickets may be ready to sell by meeting on Saturday
    • Door Prizes
    • VE Test Session on-site at field day (probably 15:00)
      • No test session this weekend, by the way
  • Dayton Hamvention this weekend
    • Many vendors usually have good deals about this time!

Announcements / Comments


  • 10m net on 28.450 MHz USB
    • Possible band opening
    • Had good band opening last week
    • This week’s topic: Family matters

Buy / Sell


  • Couple items for sale:
    • Still trying to sell a Kenwood TS-590S
    • Slightly used Phillips Hue LED Lightbulb set (and network hub)
  • Get in touch at n5gqb@arrl.net if interested

Info Exchange


  • KG5SDG received help from Jeff French (KM5TW) to put up inverted-V dipole
  • Had trouble hearing the long-distance contacts last week. Ideas?
    • antenna height?
    • propagation locality/directionality?

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